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  • This was only one of the incredible pieces in the #museumofrussianicons. It is a contemporary piece (vocabbbbb!). Notice how the surface isn’t your “typical” shape- it’s jagged and even has pieces cut out where little golden figures and sculpt...
  • Today I got together with all of the Leominster art teachers, at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton. 🖼 The museum is incredible- it has an amazing collection of work, a wonderful staff, and great educational tours. We are working to create dist...
  • A kindergartner built this “pterodactyl with wheels” today during our creation station time. (I throw in random days of guided material exploration that I call “creation stations”🚂)... He was so proud of it, he walked around the room to show...
  • Mixed media exploration for their artist trading cards! ✨#francesdrakeartists
  • 2nd graders are exploring geometric and organic shapes, along with the types and directions of lines. These are being combined to create unique line/shape robots! 🤖❤️ #2ndgrade #iteachart #elementaryart #artteachersofinstagram #francesdrakeartis...
  • and SO much more ❤️ The arts are incredibly important to have in our schools. Not all children learn the same, and many need help breaking through creative barriers. Having designated time in the day to study and practice art helps students learn,...
  • These line design hands are turning out so AWESOME 😬✋🏽 #5thgrade #iteachart #elementsofart #artteachersofinstagram #elementaryteacher #elementaryart #francesdrakeartists
  • In #artclub yesterday we had some SUPER drawings. Here’s one of #blackpanther 🖤 #francesdrakeartists #iteachart #elementaryart #artteachersofinstagram
  • Some 5th grade students helped create recycled squid 🦑 ornaments for Leominster’s City of Trees festival🌲. They came out so cute. Hanging them today! #francesdrakeartists
  • Took a trip to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston today! Check out the “Art” highlight to view some artists we’ve talked about in class. 🌟 Anyone want to guess which female artist made this painting? 🌟 #iteachart #artteachersofinstagram #elem...
  • Thank your teachers ❤️ #iteachart #artistsoninstagram #elementaryteacher #elementaryart #teachersofinstagram
Welcome to the Frances Drake Art Room!

Here you can find information about what goes on in our creative space, view student artwork, and hear about upcoming events.

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about 1 month ago

Welcome artists! 


Meet the Art Teacher...

Hello! My name is Taylor- student’s call me Ms. Penning (also, “Ms.Penny”). 

I was born and raised in Leominster. I love this town and am incredibly happy to teach my favorite subject in such a wonderful school. 

I graduated from UMass Dartmouth and studied Fine Art, Art Education, and Art History. 

When I’m not teaching, I’m usually in my studio- drawing, painting, reading and watching films / listening to records with my two cats. 

My favorite artists are Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, and Kehinde Wiley. 

Art Room Mantra 

I am positive. 

I am creative. 

I am mindful.

I am amazing.

I belong here.

I am an ARTIST.

How Art Unlocks Students’ Diverse Ablilities 

Knowledge + Creativity = Innovation 


10 Reasons Why Arts in Education Is so Important for Kids

By Taylor Penning

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