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Classroom Materials Needed
I always appreciate anything you can donate to our class! If you can, we need consumables like:
- Expo Markers
- Clorox Wipes
- Glue Sticks
- Construction Paper
- Tissues
- Highlighters

Parent Teacher Conferences

over 3 years ago

Click below to sign up for Parent-Teacher Conferences

As you probably already know, on November 21st from 4-8pm and 22nd from 1-5pm we will be holding parent-teacher conferences. This is an opportunity for you to meet with me and discuss specifics about your child’s performance at school.  I encourage you to reserve your space to meet. Here is how signing up will work:

Below is the link for you log on to reserve your space; it is quick and simple! You will have between today, November 3rd and Thursday, November 17th to make your reservation (first come first served). Please contact me (via email) if you have any trouble reserving your space. Thank you for attending the parent-teacher conference!

Excited to meet with you all soon!

- Mrs. Lane


over 3 years ago

Your child will have reading on most nights and math occasionally. I start the year out providing the students with differentiated reading passages that are at or just above their reading level. My goal is that eventually the students will be able to read a book of their choice and answer comprehension questions. I want the students to develop a love of reading and choose a genre that they are interested in.  Please be advised that for various reasons homework may not be given some weeks.

The homework will be sent home on Monday. The students will be required to read the passage 2 times to someone at home. There may be questions at the end of the reading passage. These are discussion points for you and your student. I do not require a written answer at this time. I ask that the parent or guardian sign the homework and write any comments that may provide me with some insight into how the homework is going. Please do not feel obligated to comment each night. The homework should be returned to me in the homework folder each morning.

I will occasionally send home Math homework, which is to be due back the following day.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns! I look forward to working with you and your student this year!

Mrs. Lane 

This year Gym is on Wednesdays. Please make sure to send your child in with appropriate footwear and clothing.

Helpful Websites

over 3 years ago

Pearson Realize

Use this website to get on and see what we're doing in Math!  You can view the lessons, the assessments, and your child's grades.  Your child's username is firstnamelastname, and their password is elane2016.  


Use this website to help your child with their decoding and reading skills.  We use this in the classroom everyday!  Your child's username is firstnamelastname, and their password is read.

Scholastic Books

Use this website if you'd like to order books online.  Use the online activation code: LGFHD


Reflex Math

Use this website to help your child with their math facts.  We use this in the classroom everyday!  Your child's username is elane, and their password is math.

Curriculum Used

over 3 years ago


We use enVisionMath2.0, which is a Common Core Standards based program.  We cover topics like Number Sense, Geometry, Measurement, Fractions, Time, Money, Addition and Subtraction: Patterns and Concepts, Facts and Strategies, 2-digit adding and subtracting.  


In ELA we are using Wonders Reading & Language Arts program.  This program is an all-encompassing Common Core Standard based Literacy and Comprehension program.  It is divided into 6 units: Friends and Family; Animal Discoveries; Live and Learn; Our Life/Our World; Let’s Make a Difference; How on Earth?