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Welcome to the Frances Drake Media Center
Whether you are doing research for a project, trying to find a good book, or hoping to contact a librarian, you've come to the right place!

Library Hours:
Student Checkouts- 8:45 to 9:05
Media Specials- 9:05 to 3:15

Contact Mrs. Swicker at
  • Where did the year go!? It’s time to get excited for SUMMER READING! Students grades K-4 will be receiving a packet with instructions, reading suggestions, and a game board. Complete the game board over the summer and return NEXT YEAR to get a prize!...
  • Enjoying Children’s Book Week even after it’s finished with this gorgeous display made by France Drake Dragons! Students and faculty colored butterflies (thank you, @yuyimorales) and added their name and favorite book. Reading gives you wings! 🦋...
  • Mrs. Swicker checking in from the fun-filled Feldman Children’s Celebration! We are so lucky to have the amazing @leominsterpubliclibrary in our city. The awesome events never end, but this celebration is the highlight of the year! 🎉
  • One of our Children’s Book Week centers in action: Read to a Stuffy Friend! Kiddos are curled up with someone cozy, reading away! 🐿🐻🐯🦊📚#bookweek100 #elementarylibrarian
  • Happy Children’s Book Week! It’s the 100th annual and we’re celebrating all week in the library. Stop by and add to our “Reading Gives You Wings” bulletin board and check out our celebration centers. A huge thank you to @yuyimorales, both for...
  • Newest library center: community puzzles! We started last week with a super awesome Women in Science jigsaw and these brilliant students put it together in one day flat! This week we’ve expanded to a 1000 piece world map puzzle, and we’re encouragi...
  • April is National Poetry Month and we have some amazing anthologies to celebrate. All year long we ask “do poems have to rhyme?” (No!) and “are YOU a poet?” (yes!) and now the month is here for poetry to really shine. The last picture is one of...
  • Mrs. Swicker is out in the world getting that library knowledge! Surrounded by people who love books, love students, and want to make libraries PALACES OF THE PEOPLE! We’ll be back in the media center sharing our magic soon! #msla
  • NEXT WEEK! It’s that time again- if you’re able to volunteer for an hour or so, it would be a huge help! Leave a message, email Mrs. Swicker, or click on the link in our profile to sign up for a shift. Thank you SO much! ✨📚❤️
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