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Welcome to Frances Drake Music!
Welcome to Frances Drake Music!
Hello Frances Drake Families! I am so excited to join the Frances Drake family and teach our students music! Whether your child is in general music, chorus, or band, we have amazing things in store for this year! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns at

Musically Yours,
Mrs. Amanda Sousa
International Night!
International Night!
The chorus performed like rock stars at our 2018 International Night!
Chorus members can practice with the following videos and links to prepare for our Winter Concert on December 18th, 2018! Enjoy!


Christmas Songs of Joy

Make a Joyful Noise

Carol of the Bells

Carol of the Bells


De Colores

De Colores


10 months ago

By Amanda Woolley DeSousa

Band Videos
Band members can use the following videos to practice at home and get answers to questions about your instruments. Enjoy!


Flute First Sounds

Flute Hand Position and Posture

Flute Embouchure and First Sounds


Clarinet Tonguing

Clarinet Playing Position

Clarinet Embouchure and First Sounds

Clarinet: The Reed Test

Clarinet: Reed Placement


Saxophone Playing Position

Saxophone Embouchure & First Sounds

Saxophone Assembly & Reed Placement


Trumpet Lip Slurs

Trumpet First Sounds on the Horn

Trumpet: Embouchure & First Sounds


Trombone First Sounds

Trombone Assembly

Trombone Playing Position

Trombone Tonguing

Trombone Lip Slurs


Snare Drum Playing Position and Grips

Snare Drum Stroke

Bell Kit Assembly

Snare Kit Assembly

Snare Drum Rolls

Mallet Percussion Basics